Classic breaded escalope of veal
Lemon, anchovies, horseradish, capers, summer vegetables,
sautéed potatoes and red wine sauce

Kr. 199,-


Fried plaice
White potatoes, lemon, parsley sauce and homemade pickled cucumber

Kr. 225,-


Evening platter

Marinated herring With chopped onion and capers Deep fried fillet of plaice With remoulade, dill and lemon Smoked salmon With chives creme

Chicken mayonnaise salad With curry, mushrooms and asparagus, served with crisp bacon Classic roastbeef With remoulade, horseradish and fried onion

  kr. 225,-


Peeled fjord shrimps     Daily price
Served with toast, dill, and lemon. 50 g or 75 g.

Smoked ham from Skagen (from butcher Munch)     kr. 99,-
Served on organic brioche, bitter salads, stewed mushrooms, basil and chopped nuts

Smoked salmon     kr. 110,-
Served with cream of chives and summer salad from Bornholm

Lobster soup     kr. 115,-
Creamy lobster soup with pieces of lobster meat

Mussels     kr. 105,-
Steamed in beer, white wine and herbs

Caesar’s salad      kr. 98,-
Served with pine nuts, croutons and grated Parmesan cheese

Færgekroen’s creamy organic burrata mozzarella     kr. 125,-
Served with avocado, tomato, beets, fresh basil and pine nuts

The Brewhouse platter     kr. 125,-
Variety of charcuterie from Danish producers and homemade specialties

Avocado on sourdough bread     kr. 110,-
Served with tomato, medium boiled egg and hand peeled shrimps

Lamb shank     kr. 199,-
Braised in beer and apple juice, served with potato puree, pickled herbs and lamb sauce flavored with our Amber Lager

Fillet of veal     kr. 225,-
Served with truffle puree, summer vegetables and veal gravy

Tournedos     kr. 285,-
With herbs flavoured with mustard vinaigrette. Served with today’s potato and sauce bearnaise

Rib Eye Steak     kr. 295,-
Cut from tender prime rib from Uruguay. Served with hand cut French fries and house sauce bearnaise

Grilled salmon     kr. 215,-
Served with a mild mustard sauce, grilled asparagus and parsley potatoes

Fried Danish North Sea cod     kr. 275,-
Served with grilled green asparagus, sauce nage and new potatoes. Decorated with hand peeled shrimps.

Today’s vegetarian dish    kr. 175,-
Please ask the waiter



Today’s menu – please ask your waiter 

2 courses kr. 295,-  •  3 courses kr. 345,-


Fish ‘n’ Chips    Kr. 99,-
With French fries

Danish meat balls    Kr. 99,-
With French fries

Pasta Bolognese    Kr. 99,-

Vanilla ice cream    Kr. 75,-

Press pot kr. 35,-

Tea kr. 35,-

Hot cocoa kr. 35,-

Irish Coffee kr. 55,-

Irish Coffee, double kr. 85,-

Coffee kr. 59,-
With house Cognac or Baileys

Rum kr. 79,-
Ron Zacapa Centenario 23 years

Hendricks gin kr. 79,-

Baileys kr. 40,-

Grand Marnier kr. 40,-

Cointreau kr. 40,-

Drambuie kr. 40,-

Sauternes kr. 59,-

Recioto dessert wine kr. 49,-

Cognac Camus VS kr. 40,-

Calvados Boulard kr. 40,-

Cordon Bleu kr. 99,-

Glenfiddich kr. 49,-

Johnny Walker kr. 49,-
12 years Black Label