Færgekroen Bryghus has a philosophy to brew beers of the highest quality – with the finest flavor. The beer must be tasty and easy to drink, so it goes as well with food as enjoyed in the bar.

No beer is better than the person who brewed it. Therefore it is of utmost importance to find a skilled brewmaster. We have had the same brewmaster for 10 years, and his is an Austrian diploma brewmaster.

With his education from the highly esteemed brewery academy Freising-Wiehe Stephan, our brewmaster has won prizes in several continents for his brew. He previously helped to start up new breweries in Europe and in other continents, where his expertise has developed different types of beer that fits exactly to each country’s tastes.

The brewery is from Salm, who develop high tech microbreweries, which makes it possible to manage the entire process from scratch.

Blond lager

Our Blonde Lager has its origin in Austria. This beer has always been a fresh, easy-drinking beer with a refreshing character that leaves a melodious, slightly spicy aftertaste of unobtrusive hop aroma on the lips.

All the malt used in Blonde Lager are from Plohberger malting plant in Austria, one of the few remaining maltings, producing high quality malt especially for specialty beers. There are bitter hops from Hallertau in Germany, while aroma hops are Saaz from the Czech Republic. The yeast is type Weihenstephan (the oldest brewery in the world and an institute of brewery science), but cultivated here at the brewery.

Blonde Lager is a bottom-fermented beer, which means a max. fermentation temperature of 12 degrees. Fermentation time: 8 days. Drink ready after 4 weeks.

Christmas beer

Færgekroen’s Christmas beer is made with respect for the traditional Danish Christmas beer, but the master brewer has maintained the refreshing touch that characterizes the brewery’s other products. Enjoy the light touch of sweetness, the great depth of flavor and the beer’s pretty, dark suit.


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