Carpaccio Kr. 110,-
With marinated beef, rucola lettuce, homemade pesto and grated Parmesan

Half & half Kr. 110,-
Smoked and Swedish style salmon served with mustard dressing

Classic cheese burger with French fries Kr. 169,-
Grilled minced beef patty with bacon, cheese, tomato and homemade French fries

Grilled beef Steak of beef cattle Kr. 189,-
Served with homemade French fries and house sauce bearnaise

Grilled salmon steak Kr. 189,-
Served with freshly boiled pasta, tomato sauce and today’s garnish

Mussels Kr. 150,-
Steamed in white wine and herbs, served with homemade French fries

Crevettes aioli Kr. 128,-
5 big scampi with garlic and parsley, served with aioli and bread

Crème brûlée Kr. 75,-

Chocolate mousse Kr. 65,-
Served with mango puree

Walnut cake Kr. 49,-
With chocolate sauce