Promenaden’s shrimp cocktail    Kr. 89,-
With hand peeled shrimps served with baby lettuces, lemon, Thousand Island dressing, asparagus and Danish caviar

Scampi    Kr. 99,-
Giant prawns marinated in coriander and garlic served on grilled bread with mango salsa

White wine steamed mussels    Kr. 99,-
Served in a creamy soup with herbs and flavored with garlic. Served with garlic bread

Lobster soup    Kr. 95,-
Creamy lobster soup with grilled shellfish

Carpaccio of beef    Kr. 89,-
Served with baby lettuce, pesto and grated Parmesan

Caesar salad    Kr. 95,-
Caesar’s salad with chicken    Kr. 125,-
Served with Romaine salad mixed with caesar’s dressing, gratinated croutons, freshly grated Parmesan and pickled red onions.
(Served as a main course: kr. 149,-)

Promenaden’s creamy organic burrata mozzarella    Kr. 125,-
Served with avocado, tomato, beets, fresh basil and pine kernels


Rack of B-B-Q ribs grilled on lava stone grill

House speciality throughout the last 33 seasons! (Not to be mistaken for regular single ribs)

Served with our homemade B-B-Q sauce, baked potato & creamy coleslaw.

Accessories: bucket – kitchen towel – refreshing tissue – bib

 Kr. 179,-

Fish ‘n’ Chips    Kr. 159,-
Crispy cod with salad, lemon and homemade remoulade

Grilled salmon    Kr. 195,-
Spread with a marinade of sesame seeds, sunflower seeds and sweet chili / soya sauce. Served with potatoes, kale salad with nuts tossed in ginger dressing and fresh coriander

Grilled hake    Kr. 198,-
Served with fried potatoes, today’s garnish and sauce Hollandaise

Promenaden’s steak of veal    Kr. 199,-
Entrecôte of veal served with today’s garnish, French fries and homemade bearnaise sauce

Rib Eye Steak of beef cattle    Kr. 215,-
Served with today’s garnish, French fries and homemade bearnaise sauce

Flambéed pepper steak from tenderloin of beef    Kr. 245,-
Served with Madagascar cream-pepper-sauce with mustard, mushrooms, spinach and French fries.
(Flambéed by the waiter in the restaurant)

American burger with French fries    Kr. 169,-
Served with cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, onion and spicy dressing


Theater menu

Lobster soup
Creamy lobster soup with grilled shellfish

Entrecôte of veal
Served with garnish of the season, French fries and sauce bearnaise

Kr. 249,-


Today’s garnish    Kr. 40,-

French fries    Kr. 30,-

Baked potato    Kr. 30,-

Boiled potatoes    Kr. 30,-

Fish ‘n’ Chips    Kr. 99,-
With French fries

Spaghetti Bolognese    Kr. 99,-

Burger    Kr. 99,-
With French fries

B-B-Q spareribs    Kr. 99,-
With baked potato and coleslaw