Lunch plate

Egg and shrimps
with mayonnaise and dill

with horseradish, pickles and fried onion

A warm fillet of plaice
with remoulade and fresh lemon

Mixed salad, cherry tomatoes and cucumber

Kr. 159,-

Fish plate

Marinated herring
topped with pickled red onions

with lemon and dill dressing

A warm fillet of plaice
with remoulade and fresh lemon

Smoked salmon
with dill dressing

Mixed salad, cherry tomatoes and cucumber

Kr. 179,-

Light dishes

Herring platter with 3 types of herring kr. 98,-
Curry, marinated and spiced herring with red onion, capers and egg

Slices of smoked salmon kr.135,-
Served on a plank with slices of avocado, lemon and toast

Skipperkroen’s shrimp plate kr. 125,-
Hand peeled shrimps with potatoes, avocado, egg, tomato and dill dressing

Fried fillet of plaice with homemade French fries kr. 110,-
Served with homemade relish and lemon

Fish ‘n’ Chips kr. 135,-
Fried cod with garnish, homemade French fries and remoulade

Half lobster served with dill dressing and salad kr. 139,-

Mussels steamed in white wine kr. 138,-

Skipperkroen’s creamy burrata mozzarella kr. 125,-
With avocado, tomato, beets, fresh basil and pine kernels

Lunch steak kr. 149,-
Served with homemade French fries, salad and sauce bearnaise

Bacon cheeseburger with homemade French fries kr. 139,-
Grilled beef with bacon, cheese, salad, tomato and mustard dressing

Tapas plate kr. 120,-
Spicy chorizo sausage, cheese, humus, tomato, olives, chilli-almonds and toast

Fried tatar kr. 125,-
Served with chopped onions, capers, horseradish, pickles and beetroot

Pasta with grilled salmon kr. 128,-
Served with sauce of chili, ginger, spinach and chives

Classic »shooting star« kr. 138,-
Deep fried and steamed fillet of plaice, mayonnaise, thousand island dressing,
shrimps, asparagus, Danish caviar and toast

Club sandwich with homemade French fries kr. 129,-
With chicken breast, bacon, tomato, lettuce and homemade currydressing


Caesar salad with grilled chicken kr. 128,-
With romaine lettuce, croutons, bacon, dressing and grated parmesan

Open sandwiches 

Served on organic toasted rye bread

Potatoes with avocado creme, smoked cheese, radishes and broad leaved parsley

Egg and shrimps with mayonnaise and lemon

Salmon with avocado and cottage cheese

Avocado with cheese and fried egg

Chicken salad with crispy fried chorizo

1 open sandwich kr. 95,-
2 optional open sandwiches (pr. person) kr. 170,-