Create your favorite menu of your choice.

Minimum 10 people per menu. 

Price: 358 –

1) Salmone de la Casa
Smoked salmon with ricotta cheese, pine nuts, olive oil and basil

2) Carpaccio of marinated beef
Served with freshly grated parmesan and basil-pesto and French salad

3) Shrimp cocktail
With crisp lettuce, asparagus and lemon

1) Veal entrecote Cajun magic
Grilled entrecote served with toasted garlic, tiger sauce and grilled baked potatoes

2) Mixed grill
A delicious variety of grilled meat; fillet of beef, pork tenderloin and fillet of veal served with coleslaw, 3 different sauces, seasonal vegetables and French fries

3) Lamb shank braised in beer
Served with mashed potatoes & celery, pickled gooseberries and sauce jus

1) Walnut cake
With chocolate frosting

2) Crème brûlée 

3) Chocolatemousse 

Start your dinner with a glass of champagne, 59, – or our beer tasting 65, –