Smoked salmon Kr. 98,-
With spinach and basil

Caesar’s salad Kr. 89,-
With romaine salad and bacon

Caesar’s salad Kr. 119,-
With romaine salad, bacon and chicken

Salad Kr. 79,-
With goat cheese and roasted walnuts

Tomato, mozzarella and avocado Kr. 98,-
With pesto and basil

Fried filet of plaice Kr. 88,-
With homemade remoulade, lemon and French fries

Fish ‘n’ Chips Kr. 120,-
Crispy cod with garnish, French fries and remoulade

Shrimp plate Kr. 118,-
Hand peeled shrimps, potatoes, avocado, egg, tomato and dill dressing

Bacon & cheeseburger Kr. 79,-

Chicken burger Kr. 79,-

French fries Kr. 30,-


Club sandwich Kr. 99,-
With chicken, bacon, mayonnaise and salad

Spicy tuna Kr. 60,-
With jalapenos, tomato and pesto

Serrano ham Kr. 60,-
With tomato and pesto

Smoked salmon Kr. 79,-
With dill, avocado and pesto

Tapas plate Kr. 98,-
With spicy chorizo sausage, cheese, humus, tomato, olives, chili-almonds and toast

Sirloin beef steak Kr. 119,-
With French fries, salad and sauce bearnaise

Medallion of pork tenderloin Kr. 98,-
With mushroom a la creme


Lunch plate

Egg and shrimps with mayonnaise and dill
Roast beef with horseradish, pickles and fried onion
A warm fillet of plaice with remoulade and fresh lemon
Today’s salad

Kr. 145,-

Chocolat chaud Kr. 65,-
With berry coulis

Walnut cake Kr. 49,-
With chocolate frosting

Crème brûlée Kr. 65,-
With home made mojito granité