Gourmet burgers   — 

Original burger kr. 89,-
Mustard mayo, ketchup, grilled patty, lettuce, tomato, red onion and pickled cucumber

Bacon cheeseburger kr. 99,-
Mustard mayo, ketchup, grilled patty, lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickled cucumber, cheese and bacon

Chilli burger kr. 99,-
Mustard mayo, grilled patty, lettuce, tomato, cheese and chilli mayo

BBQ burger (double) kr. 130,-
Mustard mayo, BBQ sauce, 2 x grilled patty, onion rings, lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickled cucmber, cheese and bacon

Chicken burger kr. 99,-
Mustard mayo, chicken, lettuce, salsa, pineapple and chilli mayo


Fried egg + kr. 20,-

Soft fried onions + kr. 10,-

Cheese + kr. 10,-

Bacon + kr. 10,-

  Lobster & Fish  

Burger & lobster kr. 200,-
Mustard mayo, ketchup, grilled patty, lettuce, tomato, red onion and pickled cucumber
+ 1/2 lobster served with dill dressing

Fish ’n’ Chips kr. 120,-
Crispy cod with garnish, French fries and remoulade

Lobster sandwich kr. 150,-
Delicious lobster meat, lettuce and bread


Caesar salad kr. 99,-
With chicken + kr. 30,-

  Side orders  — 

Onion rings kr. 50,-

BBQ Wings 3 pieces kr. 50,-/ 6 pieces kr. 90,-

Nachos kr. 99,-

  French fries   — 

1 x 35,- / 3 x 89,-

French fries kr. 35,-

Chilli fries kr. 35,-

Salt and vinegar fries kr. 35,-

Curly fries kr. 35,-

Sweet potato fries kr. 35,-

  Sauces   — 

1 x kr. 12,- / 3 x kr. 30,-

Chilli mayo
Terragon mayo
BBQ sauce



Original burger
+ French fries

Kr. 110,-

Icl. Coca cola kr. 135,-

Incl. draft beer kr. 150,-


  Milkshakes   — 

Vanilla kr. 50,-

Strawberry kr. 50,-

Chocolate kr. 50,-

  Desserts   — 

Belgian waffle kr. 30,-
With chocolate sauce

Creme brulee kr. 48,-


16.30 to 22 hours

Tapas plate
Spicy chorizo sausage, cheese, humus, tomato, olives, chilli-almonds and toast.
Kr. 148,-


Classic breaded escalope of veal. Lemon, anchovies, horseradish, capers,
summer vegetables, sautéed potatoes and red wine sauce.
Kr. 198,-


Lamb shank braised in beer
Served with mashed potatoes & celery, preserved gooseberries and sauce jus.
Kr. 185,-


Beef entrecôte
200 g contre-fillet of Danish beef served with grilled vegetables,
French fries and sauce béarnaise.
Kr. 189,-




Opening hours

Sunday - Thursday 12.00-24.00

Friday - Saturday 12.00-03.00