Classic breaded escalope of veal
Lemon, anchovies, horseradish, capers,
summer vegetables,
sautéed potatoes and red wine sauce

Kr. 225,-


Fried plaice
White potatoes, lemon, parsley sauce
and homemade pickled cucumber

Kr. 245,-

Evening platte · kr. 235,-

Marinated herring With chopped onion and capers ∙ Deep fried fillet of plaice With remoulade, dill and lemon
Smoked salmon With chives creme Chicken mayonnaise salad With curry, mushrooms and asparagus,
served with crisp bacon ∙ Classic roastbeef With remoulade, horseradish and fried onion

Peeled fjord shrimps (according to season) Daily price
Served with toast, dill, and lemon. 50 g or 75 g.

Smoked salmon kr. 110,-
Served with cream of chives and summer salad from Bornholm

Lobster soup kr. 115,-
Creamy lobster soup with pieces of lobster meat 

Mussels kr. 105,-
Steamed in beer, white wine and herbs

Caesar’s salad kr. 98,-
Served with pine nuts, croutons and grated Parmesan cheese

Færgekroen’s creamy organic burrata mozzarella kr. 125,-
Served with avocado, tomato, beets, fresh basil and pine nuts

The Brewhouse platter kr. 125,-
Variety of charcuterie from Danish producers and homemade specialties

Avocado on sourdough bread kr. 110,-
Served with tomato, medium boiled egg and hand peeled shrimps

Lamb shank kr. 215,-
Braised in beer and apple juice, served with potato puree, pickled
herbs and lamb sauce flavored with our Amber Lager

Beef tenderloin kr. 255,-
Served with house sauce bearnaise, summer vegetables and parsley potatoes

Gourmet burger with coarse French fries kr. 179,-
Served in buttered brioche bun with cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, onion and chilli mayo 

Rib Eye Steak kr. 295,-
Cut from tender prime rib from Uruguay.
Served with coarse French fries and house sauce bearnaise

Grilled salmon kr. 215,-
With a mild mustard sauce, seasonal greens purée and parsley potatoes

Fish ’n’ Chips kr. 185,-
Crispy cod with pea purée, lettuce, lemon, remoulade and French fries

Fried Danish hake kr. 235,-
With fried summer cabbage arranged on cous cous, yogurt with mint, chili and fresh lime

Vegetarian dish kr. 175,-
Fried summer cabbage arranged on cous cous, yogurt with mint, chili and fresh lime



Please ask your waiter

2 courses kr. 295,- ∙ 3 courses kr. 345,-

Fish ’n’ Chips kr. 99,-
With French fries

Pasta Bolognese kr. 99,-

Burger kr. 99,-
With French fries

Vanilla icecream kr. 75,-

Press pot kr. 40,-

Tea kr. 40,-

Hot cocoa kr. 40,-

Irish Coffee 3 cl kr. 55,-

Irish Coffee double 6 cl kr. 85,-

Coffee with House cognac or Bailey’s 3 cl kr. 59,- 

Cognac Camus VS 3 cl kr. 40,-

Calvados Boulard 3 cl kr. 40,-

Gordon Bleu 3 cl kr. 99,-

Sauternes kr. 59,-

Recioto dessert vin kr. 49,-

Niepoort Tawny/White kr. 59,-

Niepoort LBV kr. 69,-

Rom 3 cl kr. 79,-
Ron Zacapa Centenario 23 years

Gin 3 cl kr. 79,-
Hendricks Gin

Glenfiddich, 3 cl kr. 49,-

Jack Daniels 3 cl kr. 49,-

Johnny Walker 3 cl kr. 49,-
12 years Black Label

The house gin 3 cl kr. 40,-

The house vodka 3 cl kr. 40,-

The house rom 3 cl kr. 40,-

The house whisky 3 cl kr. 40,-

Bailey’s 3 cl kr. 40,-

Grand Marnier 3 cl kr. 40,-

Cointreau 3 cl kr. 40,-

Drambuie 3 cl kr. 40,-

Somersby kr. 50,-




Opening hours

4 April - 22 September

Sunday-Thursday: 11.00-23.00
Friday-Saturday: 11.00-24.00