Caesar salad Kr. 88,-
With romaine lettuce, croutons, bacon and anchovy dressing, served with grated Parmesan

Carpaccio Kr. 110,-
With marinated beef, rucola lettuce, homemade pesto and grated Parmesan

Half lobster Kr. 139,-
With dill dressing and salad

Slices of smoked salmon Kr. 120,-
Served on a plank with slices of avocado, lemon and toast

Creamy lobster soup Kr. 95,-

Creamy burrata mozzarella Kr. 125,-
Served with avocado, tomato, beets, fresh basil and pine nuts

Classic breaded escalope of veal

Lemon, anchovies, horseradish, capers,

summer vegetables, sautéed potatoes

and red wine sauce

Kr. 248,-

Fried plaice

White potatoes, lemon, parsley sauce

and homemade pickled cucumber

Kr. 225,-

Grillet fillet of beef Kr. 189,-
Served with béarnaise sauce, vegetables of the season and today’s potato

Classic cheese burger with French fries Kr. 169,-
Grilled minced beef patty with bacon, cheese, tomato, and homemade French fries

Mussels steamed in white wine Kr. 95,-
Large portion Kr. 150,-
With French fries + Kr. 35,-

Crevettes aioli Kr. 128,-
5 big scampi with garlic and parsley, served with aioli and bread

Rib Eye Steak of beef cattle Kr. 285,-
Served with today’s garnish, French fries, pepper- or bearnaise sauce

Crème brûlée Kr. 75,-

Chocolate fondant Kr. 65,-
Served with mango puree

Walnut cake Kr. 69,-
Served with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce

Walnut cake Kr. 49,-
Served with chocolate sauce

Grilled chicken breast with French fries Kr. 75,-

Fish ‘n’ Chips Kr. 75,-