Tapas platter Kr. 148,-
Platter with charcuterie, chorizo, chilli almonds, olives and toast

Creamy burrata mozzarella Kr. 149,-
With avocado, tomato, beetroot, fresh basil and pine nuts

Creamy lobster soup Kr. 95,-

Carpaccio of raw beef Kr. 138,-
With marinated rucola, homemade pesto and freshly grated parmesan

Mussles 138 kr.
Steamed in white wine, cream and herbs
Small portion 95 kr.
With French fries + kr. 30,-

Little italy

Pasta Bolognese Kr. 120,-
Pasta with meat sauce

Tagliatelle with grilled salmon Kr. 168,-
With sauce of chilli and ginger, and spinach and chives

Pizza Kr. 145,-

Pizzas can only be shared as starter with purchase of other food

All our pizzas are baked in the original Italian stone oven

Mozzarella, semi dried tomatoes, truffle sauce

Chilli pepperoni 
Mozzarella, spicy sauce, semi dried tomatoes, Ventricina (pepperoni with fennel), rucola

Smoked salmon
Mozzarella, asparagus sauce, smoked salmon, fresh dill

Mozzarella, marinated chicken, pepper, pineapple, curry

Mozzarella, mushroom creme, semi dried tomatoes, Nameko mushroom, truffle oil

Mozzarella, tomato sauce, ham, grilled peppers, mushrooms

Mozzarella, tomato sauce, carpaccio, rucola, parmesan, balsamico


Grilled free-range chicken Kr. 189,-
Served in homemade chicken broth with root vegetables and mashed potatoes

Fillet of beef Kr. 189,-
Served with seasonal vegetables, today’s potato and bearnaise sauce

Grilled beef tournedos wrapped in bacon Kr. 250,-
Beef tenderlion served with a compote of seasonal vegetables, potatoes and pepper sauce

Rib eye steak of beef cattle Kr. 250,-
Served with seasonal vegetables, French fries and bearnaise sauce


Salmon tartare Kr. 160,-
With avocado and spring onions.
Served with French fries and rucola salad.

Grilled langoustines Kr. 150,-
With garlic, parsley, lemon and toasted bread

Calamari fritti Kr. 75,-
With tartare sauce and lemon

1/2 or 1/1 fresh boiled lobster Kr. 200,- / 400,-
With mayo, lemon and toasted bread

Linguine frutti di mare Kr. 190,-
Pasta with mussels, squid, white wine and parsley

Fish ‘n’ Chips Kr. 148,-
Crispy cod with salad, French fries and remoulade

Grilled salmon Kr. 189,-
Served with freshly cooked pasta, tomato sauceand today’s garnish

Crevettes aioli in an iron pan Kr. 128,-
5 large scampi in garlic and parsley served with aioli

Smoked salmon Kr. 135,-
Served on a plank with slices of avocado, lemon and toast

Gourmet burger

The burger is served with French fries

Bacon cheese burger Kr. 169,-
With mustard mayo, ketchup, grilled steak, cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato, red onions and pickled cucumber

3 course menu Kr. 350,-

Smoked salmon
With slices of avocado, lemon and toast

Grilled beef tournedos wrapped in bacon
served with a compote of seasonal vegetables, potatoes and bearnaise sauce
Grilled salmon
served with freshly cooked pasta, tomato sauce and today’s garnish

Creme brûlée

Chocolate fondant Kr. 75,-
Served with vanilla ice cream and fruit purée

Classic crème brûlée Kr. 75,-

Profiteroles Kr. 75,-
2 scoops of vanilla ice cream with choux pastry and chocolate sauce

Red porridge Kr. 68,-
With cream