Our brew Vesterbro Bryghus

Our brew

No beer is better than the person who brewed it. Therefore it is of utmost importance to find a skilled brewmaster. We have been fortunate to hire the talented Austrian diploma brewmaster Georg Lassacher.

Georg Lassacher graduated from the highly esteemed brewery academy Freising-Wiehe Stephan, and he has won prizes in several continents for his brew. He previously helped to start up new breweries in Europe and in other continents, where his expertise has developed different types of beer that fits exactly to each country’s tastes.

Georg was born north of Salzburg, close to Bavaria, and it is therefore natural that he is passionate about the classic, fine German and Austrian brewing traditions, which is reflected in our selection of beers. Should we say something overall about our brewing – although each beer of course differ from one another – we can say that the beer is refreshing, delicate savory, uncomplicated and easy to drink.

The brewmaster himself has been involved in the decision about which brewery to be purchased, and after a long selection process he chose – perhaps not surprisingly – an Austrian high-tech brewery that allows the brewmaster opportunity to go in and manage the entire process from scratch.


Our Blonde Lager has its origin in Austria. This beer has always been a fresh, easy-drinking beer with a refreshing character that leaves a melodious, slightly spicy aftertaste of unobtrusive hop aroma on the lips.

All malt Blonde Lager from Plohberger malting plant in Austria, one of the few remaining maltings, producing high quality malt especially for specialty beers. There are bitter hops from Hallertau in Germany, while aroma hops are Saaz from the Czech Republic. The yeast is type Weihenstephan (the oldest brewery in the world and an institute of brewing science), but cultivated here at the brewery.

Blonde Lager is a bottom-fermented beer, which means a max. fermentation temperature of 12 degrees. Fermentation time: 8 days. Drink ready after 4 weeks.

Amber lager

Our Amber Lager is golden amber and has a full-bodied and rich malty taste. The malt – again from Plohberger malting – are the types münchenermalt, pilsner malt and caramel malt. Along with bitter hops and aroma hops it give a distinctive bitterness with a reverberation of caramel, which ends up as a sweet flavor on the lips. We add namely a slightly pale caramel malt for the malt mixture in our Amber Lager. This beer is similar to the Austrian type “Märzen” which traditionally was the last manufactured bottom-fermented beer in the winter, when refrigeration was not yet invented for industrial use.

Through the winter they had to make ice or cut ice out of lakes and rivers to use it for cooling during the brewing process. In March – hence the name “Märzen” – you typically reached the time when last winter’s ice was used up in which you converted the brewery and went on to produce the summer’s top-fermented beers.

In the U.S., Amber Lager is often called “Red Vienna”.

Amber Lager is fermented at a max. fermentation temperature of 12 degrees. Fermentation time: 8 days. Drink ready in 5 weeks.


Vesterbro Bryghus wheat beer is a nice bright unfiltered beer, where the main ingredients are wheat malt and lager malt. The scent is floral and taste fresh and aromatic, which gives desire of an extra gulp! Our wheat beer has the characteristic ‘phenolic’ dryness and lightness in the aftertaste as connoisseurs of wheat beer is so excited.

Wheat is top-fermented at a max. fermentation temperature of 25 degrees. Fermentation time: 3 days. Drink ready after 3 weeks.

Brown ale

Our brown ale is made with inspiration from the proud British brewing traditions. This dark and strong ale is based on a combination of 4 different kinds of malt, including extra light caramel malt and melamalt. It gives Brown Ale a complex malt profile and a velvety and nuanced flavor.

Brown Ale is top-fermented at a max. fermentation temperature of 20 degrees. Fermentation time: approx. 5 days. Drink ready after 4 weeks.

Red ale

Our Red Ale is a refreshing American ale characterized by a fine red color and plenty of balanced aroma hops and malt in both fragrance and flavor. Red Ale is produced mainly in color malt and dark caramel malt. The finish is elegant with a perfectly balanced bitterness and sweetness.

Red Ale is top-fermented at a max. fermentation temperature of 18 degrees. Fermentation time: approx. 5 days. Drink ready after 4 weeks.

India pale ale

Lovely classic India Pale Ale with an intense, dry flavor of hops and bitterness. The taste is rounded by an elegant malt flavor derived from the modest addition of wheat malt. Our IPA is an authentic India Pale Ale that will appeal to beer connoisseurs.

India Pale Ale is top-fermented at a max. fermentation temperature of 17 degrees. Fermentation time: about 5 days. Drink ready after 4 weeks.

Christmas brew

Our Christmas beer is made with respect for the traditional Danish Christmas beer, but the master brewer has maintained the refreshing touch that characterizes the brewery’s other products.
A full bodied Christmas beer made from dark caramel malt and Northern Brewer hops, which produces a smooth, delicat beer with a slightly brush of sweetness.
Enjoy the light touch of sweetness, the great depth of flavor and the beer’s pretty, dark suit.

Christmas brew is top-fermented at a max. fermentation temperature of 12 degrees. Fermentation time: about 10 days. Drink ready after 6 weeks.