Christmas group menus 2019

We offer a three-course menu of your own your choice.
Choose from the courses below.


Smoked salmon
served on crisp lettuce with dill créme

Lobster soup
delicious, creamy lobster soup made
in the traditional manner with cognac

Three kinds of herring
pickled herring, curry herring, Christmas herring


Fried pork & classic roast duck
served with boiled potatoes, red cabbage, sour and brown sauce

Entrecôte beef (200 g)
fillet of Danish beef served with grilled vegetables,
French fries and sauce béarnaise

Grilled salmon
served with sauteed vegetables, butter fried potatoes
and sauce verte made of wild watercress


Ris à l’amande
with warm cherry sauce

Apple pie
with crème fraîche

Chocolate mousse cake
Served on a bed of nuts and biscuits.

Kr. 368,-

min. 10 persons per menu

If you are 30 – 40 persons you can book the whole restaurant.
For more information call: +45 3316 2900