Lunch platter

(3 open sandwiches)

Egg and shrimps
With mayonnaise and dill

Roast beef
With horseradish, pickles
and fried onions

Fried fillet of plaice
With remoulade and lemon

Napolitana salad

Served with freshly baked bread and butter

Kr. 149,-

Fish platter

(4 open sandwiches)

Marinated herring
Topped with pickled red onions 

With egg, lemon and mayonnaise 

Fried fillet of plaice
With remoulade and lemon 

Smoked Salmon
Tossed in fresh chopped basil, served with dill dressing

Napolitana salad

Served with freshly baked bread and butter

Kr. 179,-

Herring plate with 3 kinds of herring Kr. 99,-
Marinated herring, curry herring and spicy herring

Fried fillet of plaice Kr. 110,-
Served with Danish tartar sauce, lemon and potatoes

Lobster soup Kr. 99,- / (large portion) Kr. 149,-
Delicious creamy lobster soup made with cognac and white wine.
Served with grilled shellfish, creme fraiche, bread and butter.

Ved Kajen’s shrimp dish kr. 110,-
With shrimp, potatoes, avocado, egg, tomato and dill dressing.
Served with freshly baked bread and butter.

Avocado toast kr. 99,-
Toast with avocado, marinated red onions, radishes and chives.

Fish ‘n’ Chips kr. 139,-
Fried cod with garnish, French fries and remoulade.

Mussels kr. 99,- / (large portion) kr. 149,-
Lightly steamed mussels in creamy sauce of garlic, white wine, cream and herbs.
Extra: French fries kr. 30,-

Salmon sandwich kr. 135,-
Thin slices of smoked salmon tossed in coriander, topped with fresh avocado-tomato chutney and dill dressing.
Served with French fries. 

Caesar salad with chicken kr. 129,-
With lettuce, croutons, bacon, anchovy dressing and grated parmesan.

Bacon cheeseburger with French fries kr. 149,-
Grilled minced beef patty with bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato and chilli mayo.

Club Sandwich with French fries kr. 135,-
With chicken breast, bacon, tomato, lettuce and homemade curry dressing.

Beef steak kr. 155,-
Served with French fries, salad and béarnaise sauce.